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In Glyph you will find a dedicated and skilled partner. Glyph is unique among localization companies because we love what we do and have the credentials to back up our healthy self-image. Language and technology are in our blood. We thrive working with clients who are equally passionate about their business and can dedicate themselves constructively to a language project's realization. Ultimately, Glyph's clients always seek to deepen their relationships with us because we are transparent and reliable. We hope to have the chance to develop this kind of fruitful connection with you as well.

Birthdays in Japan

What are birthdays like for you? It should be a unique and special day for each of us! However, did you know that in the old days, the birthday for Japanese people was the same day for everyone?

A Double-sided Coin

I suppose the antithesis of an endangered language is a brand new one: living within one’s means versus basking in the lap of luxury. Is there a need for reconciliation? I’d like to stop myself before I jump to conclusions, so let’s explore this double-sided coin.

Japanese Seasons and Haiku

Japan has four seasons, and each of them has its originality. People in Japan have been enjoying each season with a type of Japanese poem called haiku.

Gray Areas: Where Real Intuition Lives

The responsibilities of the three Japanese writing components blur across fuzzy lines. We, as Japanese, embrace the fuzzy line to add fine nuances to our language, and those gray areas may be the place where learners of Japanese can have a peek into true Japanese intuition.

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