What we do.

Glyph's Core Services


To communicate in another language requires more than an understanding of grammar and semantics. Real translation considers the underlying ideas and business objectives so that the translated words create the desired effect in the targeted reader. In addition to a rigorous translator selection process, Glyph ensures accuracy and suitability through painstaking terminology research and through frank dialog with our clients. Ultimately, though, no one knows your content like you do, so we rely on close collaboration with your team to make our translations true to your intentions.


If you don't design your website or software correctly your localization costs can explode, your timelines disintegrate and your product quality flop. Glyph's team of engineers will audit your current setup and provide practical guidance on how to modify your code base and infrastructure so that localization can be a smooth-running success.

User Interface Localization

Whether your application is browser-based, mobile or desktop, Glyph will get your content out of native file format, translate it in an intuitive and context-sensitive way, and place it back into your resource files or code without breaking the software. With developers on staff we know how the software production process works and can write customized scripts to work with your particular technology mix.

Global Marketing

Getting your point across in a new market takes more than a stiff, mechanical translation process. It requires instincts and creativity. Glyph has a keen flair for understanding demographics and how your marketing message needs to resonate with the target group. Armed with this analysis, our translators become writers who tailor your message to the target market's linguistic, business and cultural expectations.

Voice, Video, Animation

Connecting with clients is not just about the printed word or even a good website nowadays. In our world of mash-up media, a mix of video, audio and print is becoming standard in business communications and training. Glyph provides dubbing and subtitling of videos, with world-class voice actors and impeccable engineering services. Whether for a game, a training module or just a fun touch on your website, Glyph will breathe life into your multilingual Flash and multimedia projects.


Glyph has earned the trust of Fortune 50 corporations worldwide and has become an industry-leading provider of specialized consulting services. With a mix of computational linguists, academics and terminologists, Glyph delivers insightful guidance on geopolitical sensitivity, kill lists for text input systems and custom terminology lists to train machine translation systems or to flag undesirable terminology across your content base.

Teach Your Team

The best way to make your global initiatives successful is to develop a localization consciousness in your group.Glyph provides on-site and web-based training to teach your content developers and designers how to put your materials together in a way that will make translation cheaper and easier. We teach your developers how to make internationalization a part of their planning and coding processes. Ask about free training for new clients!