Glyph’s Global Equity Compensation Glossary and Cultural Guide

In honor of our CEO Aaron Schliem speaking at the Global Equity Organization conference in Rome, we've prepared a special resource on localizing equity comp resources.

Compensation can be a tricky thing, even when we’re all speaking the same language. When you’re dealing with people’s livelihood, there is neither room for error nor points for effort. Glyph has been localizing content for the equity compensation sector for fifteen years, and we have translated obscure, specific concepts into dozens of languages, helping global organizations and their global talent understand each other when they need to most. Here are a few common terms, rendered in our most common languages for equity comp.

Sign up to download our Global Equity Compensation Glossary and Cultural Guide, which contains a glossary with more than forty critical terms translated into eleven languages, with English definitions and context. It also includes notes on different attitudes about equity, investment and wealth in many of the markets we’ve worked in. These notes reveal much about how different cultures think about financial security, remuneration, and risk.

Glyph Equity Terms French (France) German  Japanese Spanish (Spain) Chinese (PRC)
Equity plan Plan d'investissement en actions Aktienoptionsplan 株式プラン Plan de renta variable 股权计划

Être acquis / Être dévolu

Unverfallbar werden 権利が確定する Consolidar 归属
Dividend Dividende Dividende 配当金 Dividendo 股息
Shareholder Actionnaire (SA) / porteur de parts (SARL) / associé Aktionär 株主 Accionista 股东
Option Option Option オプション Opción 期权
Fill or kill Ordre « fill or kill » Fill-or-Kill 約定まはた失効 Todo o nada 全部成交否则取消
Strike price Prix d'exercice Ausübungspreis 権利行使価格 Fecha de ejecución 行使价格
Under water Hors du cours Underwater アンダーウオーター Fuera de precio 价外
Blackout period Période d'interdiction Blackout-Periode 売買規制期間 Periodo de prohibición de negociar 封锁期
Trading day Séance boursière Handelstag 取引日 Día de cotización 交易日

Examples from the Cultural Guide