Do what you love!

Glyphers live this axiom every day. Here are five
reasons you too will fall in love with Glyph.


01creativity is king

The translation industry is a dead zone — words on a conveyor belt served up as a commodity. Glyph is about so much more. We create inspiring communications that connect with real people on their term. May poetry live on!

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02Allies to the end

When things get tough — and they invariably do — Glyph feels your pain. We stand by our clients through thick and thin despite impossible timelines and, um, shall we say ‘evolving’ requirements.

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Culture Geeks

03Culture geeks

If you could sit in on a Glyph team meeting, you’d hear all about our professional and pet interests — from creole linguistics and post-Soviet language legislation, to Mongolian writing systems, the secret Polari lexicon and the Chiac hybrid dialect of New Brunswick.

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04No-nonsense contracting

If you can’t get your vision funded, Glyph can’t work its magic. That's why we make the scoping and SOW process easy. We do the heavy lifting so you can focus on real work, not pesky procurement and budget approval problems.

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Mastering the impossible

05Mastering the impossible

We really should change our name to SuperGlyph. We are, after all, the agency global powerhouses turn to when the language and culture problems they need to solve are just too hard for the rest.

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