Financial Translation Services

Equity Compensation & Financial Translation Services

At Glyph, specialized teams knowledgeable in the financial and equity compensation sector ensure accuracy and security in our financial translation services. With two decades of industry experience, we have built an exceptional team of certified translators and developed and localized into multiple languages an exhaustive index of the technical equity terms used by Fortune 50 glossaries. We guarantee high-quality and reliable translation, project flexibility, quick turnaround, and dedicated support for investment and insurance companies, and businesses with a global footprint.

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Employee Benefits Documentation

Localize your entire benefits package and supporting resources for 401(K) plans, insurance benefits, and reimbursement programs. Also, back translate international contracts to English for review by your legal and benefits department.

Internal & External Correspondence

Translate written internal and external communications while keeping sensitive information safe and accurate to avoid ambiguity or misunderstanding.​

Equity Compensation Documentation

Our comprehensive services for localization ensure clarity and precision across geographies of grant agreements supporting media, published financial reports on company stock changes, and documentation for equity compensation plans.​

Website & Portal Localization

Leverage fluent and accurate website translation for various forms of content including blog posts, articles, knowledge panels, resources, menus, multimedia, meta content, and so much more.​

Multimedia & Video Localization

Localize company training programs in an E-learning platform of your choice, videos for your website, advertising, and marketing resources. We provide comprehensive services including dubbing, voice over, multilingual transcription, subtitling, captioning, desktop publishing, and media engineering.​

Market Differences Toward
Equity Compensation


The Glyph Solution

Illustration demonstrating Glyph's expertise in financial translation services.
Consistent and Accurate Translations

Our computer-assisted translation tool (CAT) accelerates and standardizes the translation process allowing our specialized linguists to focus on translation that is stylistically and terminologically precise for the financial sector. Utilizing translation memory through our CAT tool allows us to scan for repetitions from our clients’ past projects. This in turn ensures translations are consistent across all projects and reduces costs to our clients by applying reduced pricing to repetitive content.

Specialized in the Financial Sector

By choosing Glyph for your financial translation needs, you can expect an expert team of linguists and editors that are well-versed in technical terminology in the financial sector. Our linguists have on average ten years of active real-world experience and education within the financial industry of their native market. We invest in building a strong rapport with our financial translation vendors so that we can offer our clients competitive rates without sacrificing quality.

Secure and Reliable Partnership

Our Translation Management System is ISO certified to ensure all file sharing is secure. Moreover, given Glyph’s partnership with Fortune 50 financial institutions, we hold ourselves to the stringent security standards such clients demand. Never in our time as a language service provider have we experienced a breach in our security controls, and we’ve been around since 2001.

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20 Common &
Unique Equity Compensation Terms

We are so excited to share with you an example of our financial and equity compensation translation capabilities! Fill out the form to the left to receive your copy of 20 common equity compensation phrases and terms translated into the top 10 languages for the financial industry. After submitting the form, a Glypher will send you the PDF directly to the email you provide.

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To our valued community,

With the inevitable measures that all businesses need to undertake to support staff and clients, I would like to provide you with an update on our operations. For over 5 years 100% of our staff have been trained and able to work remotely while still maintaining weekly office days for collaboration and team building. We have cultivated business platforms and operations that run digitally without sacrificing security, service quality or capabilities during the better part of the last decade. As of March 9th, all company operations were transferred to work-from-home with no expected change in services, capacity or staff availability.

We understand that many of our partners have experienced challenges due to having a large international presence and multilingual employees. As a result, we are extending our help by monitoring requests after business hours and on weekends for projects associated with the coronavirus. This is to ensure we provide you with the best possible support and the fastest turnaround possible.

If you do have time-sensitive requests associated with the coronavirus, please send them to and include a clear subject line or title so we can act accordingly “COVID-19 Translation”.

We encourage you to reach out if there’s anything we can do to help you and your team during this difficult time. We sincerely hope you, your family, and colleagues remain safe and healthy.

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