Glyph offers comprehensive game localization services that deliver game players a meaningful experience. At Glyph, we ensure that your game is expertly adapted to and resonates within the markets' culture and not construed as offensive, disruptive, or conflicting to it's environment. Given our years of experience as a game localization company, we can help you proactively avoid costly mistakes and delays. If you would like to learn more, please contact us or request a quote at any time!



"Glyph has been with our team from the very beginning and were fantastic partners
in setting up our localization, translation, and testing infrastructure. They developed
a pipeline tailored to our needs and we have been working without hiccups ever since!
Their speed, efficiency, and level of quality has greatly contributed to the international
success of our product!"

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How Glyph Can Help Your Company Go Global

Market Research

Glyph provides extensive market research to help game developers discover each market as it relates to individual game concepts. We bring to bear decades of experience assessing more than just  languages spoken across each market, we also dig into their geopolitical situations, belief systems, history, local laws and regulations to ensure your game is culturally relevant, correctly rated, and not unintentionally offensive. 

Culture Assessments

Conducting an objective culture assessment is essential when entering a new market. Glyph provides vital data to ensure that your games' content is culturally relevant, correctly rated, applicable, and non-offensive. Without a proper culture assessment, you risk violating local laws or damaging your brands' reputation and your games' performance in a target culture.

Translation & Localization

Providing translation and localization services is the core of what we do here at Glyph, but we aren't just here to produce translated content for organizations - we are here to solve challenging business problems when launching in new markets.

Glyph uses cutting-edge technology and translation tools that enable us to improve video game translation consistency and efficiency. Our Computer-Assisted Translation Tool, MemoQ, allows our localization engineers, translators and editors to focus on localizing content in a way that truly captures the story and tone of your mobile games, and ultimately enhances your users' immersion in the game story.

Marketing Collateral

Marketing materials that are crafted in one market may not work in another. At Glyph, we collaborate with our partners to produce market-specific advertising collateral and promotions that will generate the greatest impact and ROI for our clients. Our in-market copy editors will engage with your design team to create truly impactful experiences wherever you choose to launch a campaign.

Linguistic Quality Assurance

Glyph provides integrated Localization Quality Assurance (LQA) solutions tailored to our clients' needs. All of our LQA testers are trained to the highest standards and are both native speakers and avid video gamers. We have provided our clients with thousands of hours of in-game testing covering over 25 different languages across all major platforms. 

Usability Testing

At Glyph, we provide extensive usability testing to ensure that the functionality and user experience work as intended in all target markets and languages. Without proper testing, game developers risk facing major functionality issues. To avoid this costly mistake, we can run a demo version of your game through pseudo-localization testing to ensure usability and address any bugs that surface before game localization and launch.

Keyword Research & SEO

Keywords can be fickle when it comes to optimization in new markets and languages; Glyph provides clients with continually tested and updated keywords that are optimal in your target markets to improve ROI and conversions. Because data is constantly evolving, we continuously gather a variety of key performance indicators: keywords used when users search for similar games, search patterns of your potential users, keyword rank, and more.

Game Performance Evaluation & Marketing Insights

Even after a game has launched, Glyph continues to evaluate your games in-market performance and offers solutions for improving usability. We gather this data through in-game surveys and by continuously monitoring local reviews.