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Our Core Values



We do the right thing, every time.


Ownership & Leadership

Each of us leads by example and takes ownership of our contributions to Glyph.


Passion & Innovation

Us Glyphers never stop improving, we continue to evolve by learning, trying, and never giving up.



We are transparent and always show how we are doing the right thing.

Build with purpose

Build with Purpose

We focus on sustainability and ingenuity, not just for the future, but in this very moment as well.



We truly believe that taking action sooner is better than later.

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Change Is Constant

We embrace, drive, and deliver change.

Our Philosophy

Viktoriya Laughing Candidly
Our approach to translation services is based on two principles:


At Glyph, we think it’s a mistake to treat every client and every project the same. We work on big projects for tiny clients, and tiny projects for big clients. We like simple projects and complex projects. In all cases, we strive to provide translation services that support our clients’ growth and connection with the people with whom they want to connect. As a result, we approach every project with curiosity, a critical perspective, and open ears.


In the localization industry, there will always be some kind of three-way tension between quality, timeline, and cost. Changing technology and market pressures might tilt the equation one way or another. Most language service providers strive to achieve some balance of all three, but in most cases, you can’t have it all.

We will always work to meet our clients’ goals within the parameters that they set – it’s part of our consultative approach. Ultimately, however, quality is intentionally our strong suit, and that’s what we will emphasize by default. Our workflows, technology platforms, and talent pool are all built on the assumption that our clients are interested in mot juste – just the right turn of phrase. Our client portfolio and our clients’ trust in us reflect this commitment to quality.

Leadership Team

Viktoriya, CEO

Viktoriya Reed, CEO

Viktoriya Reed joined Glyph Language Services in 2012, became Director of Production in 2014, and CEO in 2017. During her tenure, Ms. Reed has spearheaded major strategy and procedural shifts that have optimized Glyph’s ability to support their clients, and surpassed the quality expectations of the firm’s Fortune 500 clients. She has deepened the production team’s understanding of client needs, expanded capabilities to meet those needs, and improved retention of both clientele and employees.
Viktoriya holds a bachelor’s degree in international business and business administration from Whitworth University in Washington. Her prior experience includes working as Executive Director of the Spokane International Trade Alliance, a 501(c)(6) organization responsible for export development in Eastern Washington. After a successful stint at ITA, she moved to the private sector and joined Glyph to work in a different facet of export development. Viktoriya has also served on a number of business development committees and boards in the Spokane area.
Douglas Arbuthnot, Director of Human Resources & General Counsel

Douglas Arbuthnot, Director of Human Resources & General Counsel

Douglas Arbuthnot joined Glyph in 2012 as General Counsel and Director of Human Resources. In his tenure at Glyph, he has supported its diverse and dispersed staff through growth and change, and helped the executive team and the board manage strategic risk in a chameleonic and unpredictable industry.
Douglas has an MA in Classics and a JD with a specialization in Immigration and Employment Law, both from the University of Washington. Prior to his legal education, he worked at Visio and Microsoft. As an immigration and employment lawyer, he has worked at Amazon, at the Native American Rights Fund, and held a private practice specializing in business immigration and deportation defense.
Douglas Arbuthnot, Director of Human Resources & General Counsel
Dave Jukich, VP Global Sales

Dave Jukich, VP Global Sales

Kaysie Green, Program Manager - Games Division

Kaysie Green, Director of Production

Kaysie Green joined Glyph in 2015 as a Project Manager and developed her zone of genius around the games industry. This knack was her path to becoming a Project Manager devoted to our games clients. Kaysie is currently the Program Manager for Glyph’s Games Division. In this role, Kaysie ensures continuous process improvement, up-to-the-moment market research, production quality and the cultivation of Glyph’s team of top-tier game-obsessed linguists. 

Before coming to Glyph, Kaysie was in the hospitality industry studying to be a sommelier. She earned her BA in International Relations from Gonzaga University, in 2013. While at Gonzaga she studied Spanish, Arabic and Italian.


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To our valued community,

With the inevitable measures that all businesses need to undertake to support staff and clients, I would like to provide you with an update on our operations. For over 5 years 100% of our staff have been trained and able to work remotely while still maintaining weekly office days for collaboration and team building. We have cultivated business platforms and operations that run digitally without sacrificing security, service quality or capabilities during the better part of the last decade. As of March 9th, all company operations were transferred to work-from-home with no expected change in services, capacity or staff availability.

We understand that many of our partners have experienced challenges due to having a large international presence and multilingual employees. As a result, we are extending our help by monitoring requests after business hours and on weekends for projects associated with the coronavirus. This is to ensure we provide you with the best possible support and the fastest turnaround possible.

If you do have time-sensitive requests associated with the coronavirus, please send them to newrequests@glyphservices.com and include a clear subject line or title so we can act accordingly “COVID-19 Translation”.

We encourage you to reach out if there’s anything we can do to help you and your team during this difficult time. We sincerely hope you, your family, and colleagues remain safe and healthy.

Best wishes,


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