Glyph Language Services is a translation and localization company that specializes in high quality output and complex business cases. For more than fifteen years we have provided professional translation services to both the Fortune 500 and the up-and-coming. We combine cutting-edge translation technologies, scalable, repeatable workflows, and professional talent of the highest caliber to ensure that our professional translation services don’t just provide good output, but help our clients achieve their global business goals.


Our approach to translation services is based on two principles:

Consultative Approach: We think it's a mistake to treat every client and every project the same. We work on big projects for tiny clients, and tiny projects for big clients. We like simple projects and complex projects. In all cases, we strive to provide translation services that empower our clients to grow and connect with their multilingual audience. As a result, we approach every project with curiosity, a critical perspective, and open ears.

Quality-by-default: In the localization industry, there will always be some kind of three-way tradeoff between quality, timeline and cost. Changing technology and market pressures might tilt the equation one way or another, and most language service providers try to achieve all three to the best of their ability, but over the long term you can't have it all.

We will always work to meet our clients' goals within the parameters that they set - it's part of our consultative approach. Ultimately, however, quality is intentionally our strong suit, and that's what we will emphasize by default. Our workflows, technology platforms, and talent pool are all built on the assumption that our clients are interested in mot juste - just the right turn of phrase. Our client portfolio and our clients' trust in us reflect this commitment to quality.



Vitta headshotViktoriya Reed, CEO

Viktoriya Reed joined Glyph Language Services in 2012, became Director of Production in 2014, and CEO in 2017. During her tenure, Ms. Reed has spearheaded major strategy and procedural shifts that have optimized Glyph’s ability to support their clients, and surpassed the quality expectations of the firm’s Fortune 500 clients. She has deepened the production team’s understanding of client needs, expanded capabilities to meet those needs, and improved retention of both clientele and employees.

Viktoriya holds a bachelor’s degree in international business and business administration from Whitworth University in Washington. Her prior experience includes working as Executive Director of the Spokane International Trade Alliance, a 501(c)(6) organization responsible for export development in Eastern Washington. After a successful stint at ITA, she moved to the private sector and joined Glyph to work in a different facet of export development. Viktoriya has also served on a number of business development committees and boards in the Spokane area.
Cori headshotCorianton Alcorn, Chief Customer Officer

Cori Alcorn originally joined Glyph in 2012, working in the Analysis and Pre-Sales team. He served as deputy Director of Production during Viktoriya Reed's extended leave in 2013, and become Global VP of sales in 2014 upon her return. After a two year stint at Straker Translations, he rejoined Glyph in 2017 as the Chief Customer Officer, a role specifically created to strengthen Glyph’s approach to client satisfaction, and to build new revenue streams as a matter of priority.

Mr. Alcorn has been involved in the localization industry since 2005, when he worked as a patent translator for Technical Language Services, Inc. while studying for a degree in Japanese at Brigham Young University. From 2008 to 2012, Mr. Alcorn functioned as the senior project manager for the Far Eastern Languages Department at TLS, training other project managers and successfully designing the workflows and concepts around a multimillion dollar contract with the World Intellectual Property Organization.
Jeane headshotJeane Cambell, Senior Manager, Translation & Localization

Jeane Campbell joined Glyph in 2013 as a Project Coordinator, rising to become the Senior Project Manager in 2016 and the Senior Manager for Translation and Localization in 2017. In this role, she now oversees all of Glyph's production operations. She ensures that production staff meet our clients' needs, manages relationships with our critical partners, and drives the constant procedural refinement that allows Glyph to maintain its dedication to quality service in a changing field.

Jeane is originally from São Paulo, Brazil, where she studied Portuguese for business, and gained a graduate degree in business management from the Ibmec Business School. Before she came to Glyph, she worked in both legal and financial services for KPMG Brasil, and as a freelance Portuguese linguist.
Douglas headshot Douglas Arbuthnot, Director of Human Resources & General Counsel

Douglas Arbuthnot joined Glyph in 2012 as General Counsel and Director of Human Resources. In his tenure at Glyph, he has supported its diverse and dispersed staff through growth and change, and helped the executive team and the board manage strategic risk in a chameleonic and unpredictable industry.

Douglas has an MA in Classics and a JD with a specialization in Immigration and Employment Law, both from the University of Washington. Prior to his legal education, he worked at Visio and Microsoft. As an immigration and employment lawyer, he has worked at Amazon, at the Native American Rights Fund, and held a private practice specializing in business immigration and deportation defense.