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Localization is not a one-size-fits-all solution because every business is unique. At Glyph, our services are always tailored to meet our clients’ unique business goals and to help overcome their most complex challenges. Here, you will find comprehensive localization and translation services for Games, Marketing, eLearning, Web, Corporate Communications, Software, Multimedia projects, and more. Empower your business to grow globally through a combination of strategic vision, industry-leading tools and practices, top-flight linguist talent, and cultural savvy.



High-quality game localization services that support you through every stage of entering new markets, from script internationalization to final in-game testing.


Internationalize your marketing concepts and ideas to ensure they resonate with your target market through creative media localization, transcreation, multilingual SEO, and digital ad management.


Comprehensive services for any and all your E-learning project needs, we can support you by providing a full course walk-through, script translation, desktop publishing, voice-over, dubbing, and more!


Comprehensive website translation services for global brands, eCommerce websites, online retailers, and more. We have extensive experience in a variety of CMS platforms. Contact us to learn more!


Experience full-service media localization in all major languages for web, mobile, and video, including voiceover, subtitling, and media engineering.

Finance & Equity Compensation

We partner with specialized linguists who understand industry terminology to provide consistent translations for your employee benefits packages, benefit programs, internal communication, website content, and more!


Build a strong internationalization plan - we provide intuitive market standard UI translations, mobile software localization, QA testing of beta localized versions of your software, and more!


We can source linguists in almost any language with subject-matter expertise based on your project and industry – just let us know and we’ll start hunting!

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Frequently Asked Questions

While there is no single template that can be applied to all translation projects, this basic process is followed.

  1. Scoping: The first step is understanding your needs. Once you provide all the materials and objectives required for the project, we can then develop an appropriate structure tailored to your language needs.
  2. Analysis: Next, we quantify the work and identify any language issues present. This phase also includes assessing the project timeline and any support services you may require, such as desktop publishing, in-context review, or engineering.
  3. Preparation: During this phase, our support staff extracts text strings out of your source files, imports them into our CAT tool, and then ensures the strings are ready for translation.
  4. Translation: Within our CAT tool, our subject-matter experienced linguists create culturally-attuned translations.
  5. Editing: Glyph editors then review the work and resolve any issues that may be present. Editing ensures the translations are of the highest quality.
  6. Review: If you have stakeholders in the target market for this project, we can also provide you with the translated content in a review-friendly format for in-market review. As a result, you can gather feedback from native speakers familiar with both the goals of your organization and the locale your project is distributed to. 
  7. Desktop Publishing: Desktop publishing (DTP) is optional. At this point, our staff performs all of the layout and formatting work to match the source materials in the target language. 
  8. Packaging: During the packaging phase, our engineers check for terminological consistency across the project. Afterward, we update the client Translation Memory and prepare the files for delivery.
  9. Delivery: The best and final stage where we deliver the finalized project to you in the format you require.

Learn more about these individual phases by visiting our Localization 101 page.

Our translation pricing is calculated on a per-word basis with the rate determined by the source language in question, the turnaround time, and the difficulty of the subject matter. To learn more about our standard rates, please visit our pricing page.

There are a number of private agencies in the United States that offer certification to translators who are able to pass the agency’s examination and are willing to pay the certification fee. The most prominent of these is the American Translators Association. Although the majority of Glyph’s translators are certified by one or more of these agencies, we do not require certification because there is little correlation between passing these exams and linguistic quality.

However, if your project requires it, we can ensure that the linguists on your team are certified.

Absolutely! We are more than capable of translating your industry-specific technical documents. Including technical manuals, schematics, patents, material safety data sheets, and a variety of other documents. If you have any questions regarding our technical translation capabilities, please feel welcome to email us at

Desktop publishing, localization engineering, and most of our other services are priced on an hourly basis. Minimum charges may apply for short projects under an hour. Meanwhile, larger projects may have a project management fee, which is often a percentage of the overall project. You can learn more about our pricing via our pricing page.

We always assign an appropriate translation team that’s best suited for the individual client and project needs. However, because many industries have their own particular vocabulary, we often assist clients in building a terminology glossary comprised of key industry-specific terms to help our translators promote optimal consistency and accuracy throughout your translated materials. Over time, client feedback, which is shared with our translators, results in an evolutionary process whereby the translators develop a continually improving understanding of the terminology you prefer.


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To our valued community,

With the inevitable measures that all businesses need to undertake to support staff and clients, I would like to provide you with an update on our operations. For over 5 years 100% of our staff have been trained and able to work remotely while still maintaining weekly office days for collaboration and team building. We have cultivated business platforms and operations that run digitally without sacrificing security, service quality or capabilities during the better part of the last decade. As of March 9th, all company operations were transferred to work-from-home with no expected change in services, capacity or staff availability.

We understand that many of our partners have experienced challenges due to having a large international presence and multilingual employees. As a result, we are extending our help by monitoring requests after business hours and on weekends for projects associated with the coronavirus. This is to ensure we provide you with the best possible support and the fastest turnaround possible.

If you do have time-sensitive requests associated with the coronavirus, please send them to and include a clear subject line or title so we can act accordingly “COVID-19 Translation”.

We encourage you to reach out if there’s anything we can do to help you and your team during this difficult time. We sincerely hope you, your family, and colleagues remain safe and healthy.

Best wishes,


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