Ecommerce and Retail Translation Services

Glyph Language Services provides continuous and rapid retail product translation services for eCommerce retailers, cosmetic brands, apparel retailers, haute couture brands, furniture and home goods stores, consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies, brick-and-mortar stores, and grocery stores. 

What really makes us "stand out" in the retail translation space is that we cultivate unique workflows that are crafted to meet our clients’ ever-changing business needs. As an example, we provide some of our retail partners same-day turnaround of translations for urgent internal communications.

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Store Displays

Product Descriptions

Product Packaging

Store Display Translation

For retailers with physical storefronts located in different locales, we offer store display translation and transcreation services for posters, designs, kiosks, informative notices, as well as any other printed materials you create for customers.

Product Description Translation

Partnering with Glyph ensures your product descriptions are localized and translated accurately to avoid misrepresentation of what your consumers are purchasing. We also help to ensure all design elements and labels account for text expansion during the translation process through our international Desktop Publishing (DTP) services. Product descriptions play a significant role when a customer is in the buying decision process. Therefore, we will make certain your product descriptions and names are compelling, representative of your brand, and true to all elements of your product’s description.

Product Packaging Translation

Glyph will ensure your product’s packaging design, graphics, colors, labels, and print is not only appropriate for the markets you’re selling in, but also compliant with any legal regulatory requirements for each country.

Websites & Portals

Marketing & Advertising

Videos & Multimedia

Website Translation

High-quality website translation in the CMS of your choosing for blog posts, articles, recipes, surveys, menus, product descriptions, and ultimately any website content you create for your multilingual users.

Marketing Translation
& Transcreation

Translate your marketing and advertising copy utilizing Glyph’s transcreation services. When marketing a product in a language different from your source language, we encourage our clients to allow us the freedom to transcreate their content to be unique and compelling for each market while maintaining the original source meaning and purpose.

Video Localization

We provide professional comprehensive video and multimedia localization services. This includes dubbing, voice over, multilingual transcription, subtitling, captioning, desktop publishing, and media engineering.​ We also offer American Sign Language (ASL) interpreting services as well as expansion on audio descriptions to ensure accessibility to all multilingual consumers.

Executive Communication

Training Courses

Business Correspondence Translation

Ensure you get your internal and external correspondence quickly by choosing Glyph as your localization partner! We translate company-wide updates, sensitive communications, CEO letters, formal requests, memorandums, and overall any written forms of communication. We do so while maintaining and conveying your executive communication tone across your international teams.

Course & Employee
Training Translation

Does your company have stores located in multilingual markets and nurture an inclusive and diverse workforce? We offer translation and localization for training courses and materials utilized to support your international teams. This includes onboarding instructional materials, product knowledge decks, training videos and e-courses, and any resources that are significant to your hiring, onboarding, and teaching process.
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“They’ve been very patient as we’ve gotten up and running with this new partnership (and changes within our team). Lots of different people we’ve been in communication with (sometimes I get confused who is who), but always very communicative and helpful. We’ve recently begun translating files for e-Learning, it was a new software for Glyph to translate within, but they did a fantastic job!”


Global Education and Training Consultant

Each Industry is Unique

And that’s why we select talent and teams that have proven industry knowledge and know-how, not just in the retail space, but in each niche specifically, i.e. linguists greatly experienced with haute couture, cosmetics, furniture/home goods, and all verticals that are listed below. 


We offer high-quality translation services for the beauty and cosmetics industry. This includes desktop publishing for cosmetic marketing materials, translation of product decks, website translation, product packaging translation, and many other services you may require for a successful global presence. Also, if you require in-market linguistic feedback implementation on the translations we deliver, we are more than happy to administer those changes before your launch. Let us help you help your customers feel natural and radiant in every locale.


Glyph specializes in fashion translation services for haute couture brands. We partner with leading brands like Tory Burch. We understand the significant need for meticulous and high-quality translations in the fashion industry. Therefore, some of our professional translation services include translations for runway fashion shows, interpretation for events, multilingual voice over for commercials, and localization of marketing materials. If you’re interested in a free translation sample please contact us, we look forward to the opportunity to showcase your brand’s unique voice!


Our mission for apparel retail translation services is to help your brand increase sales at a global scale. We understand that in the retail industry many brands experience high turnover of products and content on their website. Thus, sometimes, standard translation and editing isn’t the most economical solution. That’s why at Glyph, we cultivated technical solutions that allow retail brands to utilize API integrated machine translation to simultaneously translate new content that’s added to your platform at scale with an option to include native linguistic post-editing to ensure your translations are adapted accurately for your intended market. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you scale globally with ease!


We offer comprehensive retail translation services for department stores. This includes website translation, retail graphics, store operational content, product description translation, desktop publishing for marketing materials, and many other services to help your brand grow globally. Contact us to learn more about how we can help your brand stay within budget while still providing high-quality translations.


Just like how every host ensures each of their guests feel comfortable in their home, we ensure our clients get the most out of their global expansion and presence without feeling overwhelmed. For over a decade, we've partnered with many furniture and home goods retailers such as Williams Sonoma, Pottery Barn, West Elm, and others. Contact us to learn more about how we can best help you feel comfortable in every one of your target locales.


We offer comprehensive retail translation services for consumer packaged goods companies. This includes product packaging translations, guidance on legalities of products sold in multilingual markets, website translation, desktop publishing for marketing materials, and so much more. Please contact us if you wish to learn more about our retail translation services for CPG companies.


Glyph Language Services specializes in providing accurate and quick eCommerce translation services on a variety of platforms such as WordPress/WooCommerce, and others. At Glyph, we understand the importance of quick turnaround for translations on consistent content that gets updated or added to eCommerce sites. That’s why we offer highly affordable API integrated machine translation as a service to ensure content can be translated at scale simultaneously as it’s being added to your site. We’d love to discuss with you how we can help minimize translation costs and meet your ever-changing needs with our agile and specialized eCommerce translation services.


For brick-and-mortar establishments, we offer comprehensive retail translation services to support your physical storefront as well as your online presence. The services we offer include product packaging localization, store display translations, website translation, desktop publishing for marketing materials, and so much more. Contact us to learn how Glyph can help your brick-and-mortar establishment grow on a global scale all while staying within your budget.


At Glyph, we’ve set ourselves apart in the translation industry by cultivating an environment with efficient and flexible translation processes that help our grocery store clients have one less internal task on their plate. If you’re interested in streamlining your international efforts, contact us to learn more about how we can help your company's localization endeavors.


We’ve partnered with food services establishments such as Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Cracker Barrel, Starbucks, and many others to provide high-quality and quick retail translation services. Please contact us or request a quote if you’re interested in learning more about how we can help your establishment grow globally while maintaining your budget needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • We understand that no other industry consists of so many changes and updates to massive amounts of content. This is why we encourage clients to consider either machine translation (MT) or MT post-editing as a service. It plays a significant role in reducing costs and streamlining the translation process while maintaining quality at scale. 
  • Glyph is flexible and can work with any file type you have, but you will always have the most efficient process with the most editable version of the file and by providing us with any brand-specific fonts.
  • Yes, we do offer a 24-hour turnaround or less. We evaluate these rush projects on a case-by-case basis. We do offer a 24-hour turnaround for top languages and for projects under 500 words.
  • From the start of our partnership, ensuring your brand is accurately depicted through glossaries and style guides will be the focus of our attention. We will provide your company with dedicated teams that grow and learn the ins and outs of your branding while keeping translations consistent and relevant across all markets. We’re the experts in the language and you’re the expert in your brand, through a partnership we work together to merge the two.
  • Yes PLEASE! We welcome the process of our clients conducting their own market review with internal resources or external consumer feedback. The important thing is that you feel your brand and messaging is accurately represented and is of the highest quality and allows for creative stylistic changes in the translation process. Market feedback is as normal as reviewing and revising your own english marketing copy 5 or 50 times between team members before it’s published.
  • This is a great question that portrays exactly why we hand select native linguists that have extensive experience in the retail industry. We ensure proper translation and differentiation of similar colors by not only selecting qualified and trusted linguists, but also through crafting glossaries and style guides specific to our client’s brand, and by ensuring the same translation team works on every project a client brings to us. Using the same translation team across all projects ensures all translations stay consistent from project to project. 


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To our valued community,

With the inevitable measures that all businesses need to undertake to support staff and clients, I would like to provide you with an update on our operations. For over 5 years 100% of our staff have been trained and able to work remotely while still maintaining weekly office days for collaboration and team building. We have cultivated business platforms and operations that run digitally without sacrificing security, service quality or capabilities during the better part of the last decade. As of March 9th, all company operations were transferred to work-from-home with no expected change in services, capacity or staff availability.

We understand that many of our partners have experienced challenges due to having a large international presence and multilingual employees. As a result, we are extending our help by monitoring requests after business hours and on weekends for projects associated with the coronavirus. This is to ensure we provide you with the best possible support and the fastest turnaround possible.

If you do have time-sensitive requests associated with the coronavirus, please send them to and include a clear subject line or title so we can act accordingly “COVID-19 Translation”.

We encourage you to reach out if there’s anything we can do to help you and your team during this difficult time. We sincerely hope you, your family, and colleagues remain safe and healthy.

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