Multilingual Transcription Services

Comprehensive Multilingual Transcription Services

Glyph provides quality-driven multilingual transcription services combined with individualized project care. When it comes to transcriptions, rapid turnaround and accuracy is essential for success. Glyph utilizes leading technology and industry experienced teams to ensure rapid turnaround times and accurate transcriptions.

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“It was great working with Glyph Language Services. They helped us get through a quick turn Japanese to English production that others said couldn’t be done in our time frame. Glyph went the extra mile getting us rush translations / transcripts and provided an excellent on-site translator to ensure accuracy with our editing. It was a pleasure working with them every step of the way. We’ll definitely be contracting with them again!”



Producer, Jordan

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“As a video production company that does a lot of international production, we often have interviews with subjects who do not speak English. Many times, these interviews happen on the fly and our post-production process has a tight turn-around. Glyph offers us the flexibility we need to get translated transcriptions finished within days of wrapping production. They also provide support for our edits, including SRT files, and an interpreter to check our English subtitles over foreign languages. We use Glyph because no other translation company offers us the speed, flexibility, and support we need for our always changing work-flow.”

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Senior Creative Producer, Charissa

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Video Camera

Digital Media

Create an immersive experience for your target audience through Glyph’s video transcription services for raw footage, documentaries, broadcast video content, and interviews.
Marketing Translation


High-quality transcriptions for broadcast video content, podcasts, market research, and meetings. Post-transcription copy editing by experienced in-market writers is available upon request.
e-learning localization


Connect with your audience and listeners by transcribing your lectures, webinars, e-learning content, and reliable educational resources across international markets and demographics


Legal transcription from audio to text for the precise wording of depositions, interviews, public hearings, administrative meetings, and more.
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Professional business transcription for meetings, market research, interviews, conferences, corporate communications, employee feedback, and focus group discussions.
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If you don’t see the type of content you need to be transcribed and/or translated, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We may just surprise you!

Multilingual Transcription Services

Take your transcriptions to a whole new locale with Glyph’s multilingual video and audio transcription services. If you don’t see the languages you require, please don’t hesitate to contact us and speak to a team member!






Simplified Chinese



Customizable Timestamps

Geopolitical & Social Research

Speaker Identification

Speaker Identification

Customization Output File Formatting

Customizable Output File Formatting

Transcription of Diverse Dialects for Multilingual Markets

Transcription of Diverse Dialects for Multilingual Markets

Pre-Transcription Audio/Video Assessment

Pre-Transcription Audio/Video Assessment

Incorporation of Acronym List and Glossary

Incorporation of Acronym List and Glossary

(if applicable)

Additional Services

Economical Verbatim Transcriptions

Economical Verbatim Transcriptions

Glyph offers accurate verbatim transcription to record every single “um” and “ah” within your audio files. This service is perfect for market research, focus groups, and legal transcriptions. 
MT Translation for Pre-Production Searchability

MT Translation for Pre-Production Searchability

Rapid and affordable machine translation for pre-production searchability of lengthy transcripts is available upon request. We recommend utilizing this service for projects that require context of multilingual transcripts quickly.
Local Copy Editing by Professional In-Market Writers

Local Copy Editing by Professional In-Market Writers

Local copy editing is available to ensure all translations are adapted for your target audience. Glyph partners with professional and experienced in-market writers to ensure quality standards are met.
Subtitling & Captioning Services

Subtitling & Captioning Services

Accurate subtitling and captioning services that ensure your video or game content is fully accessible to your target market. Glyph offers closed captioning, open captioning, and subtitling. Contact us to learn more about the best services for your projects!


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To our valued community,

With the inevitable measures that all businesses need to undertake to support staff and clients, I would like to provide you with an update on our operations. For over 5 years 100% of our staff have been trained and able to work remotely while still maintaining weekly office days for collaboration and team building. We have cultivated business platforms and operations that run digitally without sacrificing security, service quality or capabilities during the better part of the last decade. As of March 9th, all company operations were transferred to work-from-home with no expected change in services, capacity or staff availability.

We understand that many of our partners have experienced challenges due to having a large international presence and multilingual employees. As a result, we are extending our help by monitoring requests after business hours and on weekends for projects associated with the coronavirus. This is to ensure we provide you with the best possible support and the fastest turnaround possible.

If you do have time-sensitive requests associated with the coronavirus, please send them to and include a clear subject line or title so we can act accordingly “COVID-19 Translation”.

We encourage you to reach out if there’s anything we can do to help you and your team during this difficult time. We sincerely hope you, your family, and colleagues remain safe and healthy.

Best wishes,


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