Tips For Scoping eLearning Localization Projects

Glyph has been helping organizations bring their eLearning content to global audiences for fifteen years. One challenge we often experience with our clients is ensuring that all the necessary content is scoped properly during the quoting process. Here’s why is it important to get the scoping right early on:

  • Ensures the final product is totally localized
  • Eliminates budget creep
  • Eliminates production delays
  • Coordinates media localization (images, audio, video, etc.)

Here are some tips to make sure your project encompasses everything you need:

  • Image text – Watch out for images containing text, such as infographics, that will need to be localized. Make sure this text is factored into the word count, and that the localization team knows about it.
  • Image files – Send layered image files to the localization team to ease both scoping and production.
  • Scripts – Ensure audio scripts are factored into word counts
  • Audio – Determine ahead of time how to localize audio – do you want subtitles, voiceover, or both?
  • Consider culture – does your courseware have any visual or audio content that would diminish its impact in your target market?

Glyph is much more than a translation company – we offer full-spectrum global adaptation of eLearning materials, including multimedia, cultural analysis, market research, and more. Get in touch if you want to learn how best to take your eLearning global!